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Contents Services

Contents Services

Heightvale have identified a niche market in contents restoration and, over many years, have established a unique position as market leaders in our field. Our wood craftsmen work in a bespoke environment utilising spray and hand polish techniques, whilst our upholstery division is skilled in both material and leather. Our expanded skill base incorporates specialism in fine art, horology, clocks, document restoration, piano restorationt and ceramics. All of which are underpinned by a project management team delivering and managing a national logistic support system.

We offer the following services:


In house upholsters specialising in re-covers, replacement of bases, internal fillings and mechanisms, bespoke frame repairs

Leather Repairs

Cleaning and conditioning of leather, Replacement of damaged panels, re-colouring and spraying

Metal Polishing

Cleaning and restoring back to its original finish

Clock Restoration

Our horologist is on hand to replace/repair mechanisms to antique clocks


Re framing, cleaning and specialist remediation work


Accurate valuations/validation service on damaged contents to include pottery, glass and all types of art work

French Polishing

We specialise in restoration to wooden furniture, from Cabinet making, veneering, inlay work or wax finishing. Any item old or new can be brought back to life, our polishers will consider patina and ensure that communication lines with the client are open at all stages of the work.


Re-tuning and repairs


All soft furnishings, sofa’s and covers, carpets, rugs and runners, drapes , silk wall hangings .

Floor Coverings

Carpet, vinyl and laminate replacements

Loan Furniture

In special circumstances we will provide loan furniture for the customer to use whilst theirs are being restored, creating as little disruption to the customer as possible during what can, for many, be a stressful time


Collection and delivery service anywhere in the UK. Full storage facilities in controlled conditions at competitive prices.


If you have any questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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